MICRO GLASS BEADS are the core part for the production of reflective materials like reflective fabric, paint, reflective leather, reflective film, clothing, traffic signs, vests, hats, shoes, reflective logo etc. High refracted index glass bead is special Micro-spheres semi-coated with aluminum that can return light(>85%) to the original light source after focusing by the refraction layer.

Product NameHigh Refractive Index Glass Beads
FeatureHigh Refractive
ColorWhite, Grey
CompositionTio2—Bao—Sio2 GLASS
Refractive IndexND: 1.93
Specific Gravity4.1g/cm3
Gross WeightMicro-spheres semi-coated with aluminum
ApplicationReflective paint, reflective fabric, reflective leather, reflective film, clothing, road traffic, reflective logo etc.