Project Description

ALl Weather Glass Beads Everglitter 01

Anti Water Glass Beads

The all-weather highlight reflective glass bead is a new reflective material that can greatly improve the road safety level and is an upgraded product of ordinary glass beads.


  • Perfect and reasonable optical design, so that the product has all-weather highlight reflective performance

  • Unique optical structure to ensure continuous reflection in sunny, rainy and humid climates

  • The distance of reflection is far, theoretically, it can reach the longest distance the driver needs.

  • The product is made of special optical materials and processes, and the reflective performance is not easy to attenuate.

  • Applicable to all kinds of marking paints and marking equipment, without any changes to the marking equipment


  • Airport Runway painting

  • Airfield Marking

  • Airport Marking

  • High way road marking paint

The Specification of all Weather Glass Beads

Diameter (μm)MINMAX
1700 (12mesh)100
1400 (14mesh)95100
1180 (16mesh)8095
1000 (18mesh)1040
850 (20mesh)05

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