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Blasting Glass Beads For Metal Cleaning And Polishing

Blasting Glass Beads For Metal Cleaning And Polishing( (120 grit, 150 grit, 180 grit, 220 grit)
Surface treatment shot blasting glass beads have certain mechanical hardness, strength, and strong chemical stability. They are suitable for cleaning and polishing burrs and dirt on various mold surfaces so that the processed articles have a good finish and prolong their service life.

Main Physical Indicators of Glass Beads

  • Appearance: round, transparent, no obvious bubbles and impurities

  • Particle size between 45um and 1000um

  • Softening point: 710-730 ° C

  • Density: 2.4-2.6g/cm3

  • Rounding rate: industrial shot peening beads ≥ 90%

  • Refractive index: ≥ 1.5

  • Hardness: Mohs 6-8

  • The main ingredients: sodium-calcium glass composition

  • Metal: Aluminum & Stainless Steel

Technical Specifications of Glass Beads for Shot Blasting

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