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Glass Bead Abrasive For Surface Preparation

Overview Glass Bead Abrasive (30 grit, 60 grit, 80 grit, 100grit)

The excellent properties of the glass beads make it suitable for use in cleaning or deburring workpieces with strict deviations without damaging the surface of the workpiece. Moreover, the inherent strength of the glass beads makes it suitable for use in equipment capable of circulating abrasives.

Glass beads are widely used to treat workpiece surfaces with residual tension or under cyclic pressure to produce compressive stress layers for surface strengthening purposes. Use glass beads to strengthen the surface of the workpiece, reducing potential hazards such as surface erosion or surface fatigue.

The Applications

  • Matt surface treatment of stainless steel products (such as stainless steel sinks, cabinets, cookers, metal necessities, matte treatment)spherical glass beads for airfield markings

  • Cleaning of various abrasive tools, removing tensile stress of various parts and increasing fatigue resistance. Extend product life and improve resistance to stress and corrosion. (such as aircraft engine turbines, blades, shafts, landing gear, various spring gear hydraulic parts, etc.)

  • Integrated circuit plates; plastic sealing on the tube before tin cleaning and deburring

  • Medical machinery, paper machinery, textile Shot peening and finishing of machinery and all kinds of hardware products; surface treatment of various non-ferrous metal pipe fittings and precision castings, deburring, removing residue

  • Rust removal inside and outside of various types of parts, in addition to oxides, polishing to rough, Clearing stress.

  • Surface treatment of various jewelry watches, lamps, cosmetic bottles, and eyeglass accessories.

Technical Specifications of Glass Beads for Shot Blasting

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