Project Description

Intermix Glass Bead-Paint Premixed Everglitter 01

Premixed beads

Intermix glass beads are particles that are mixed in during the production of hot-melt coatings. Intermix glass beads are also called premixed beads.

The intermixed glass beads produce a constant reflectance throughout the life cycle of the marking line. The road marking material wears away with the passage of time. The glass beads for road marking mixed in the material leak on the surface, thereby maintaining a high inverse setting coefficient.

Features of Intermix Glass Beads For Road Marking Paint

  • The specific gravity of intermix glass beads: 2.4-2.6g/cm3

  • Glass bead refractive index: ≥ 1.50

  • The roundness of glass beads: ≥80%

  • Magnetic particle content: ≤0.1%

  • The overall appearance of the glass beads is required to be colorless.

  • Loose spherical particles, clean and free of impurities.

  • Not contain an Agglomerate.

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