Reflective glass bead

When cars run at night, the head lamps shine on the marking line with glass beads and the ray of lamp is reflected back parallel. So the driver can look at the road clearly and drive safely at night. Glass beads of different sizes are spread on marking lines. When top big glass beads are worn out, the bottom small ones can be used.

The coated glass bead is a new product developed in recent years. It is spread on the surface of road marking lines. Thanks to excellent performance, the coated glass bead is much appreciated by customers.

During the storage and usage, the surface of the glass bead without coating is prone to get deliquescent in humid atmosphere, which leads to light scattering and affects the direct reflection. However, the surface of the coated glass bead is not easy to be eroded.

The glass bead is coated with a kind of organic material which may have better cosolvency with road coatings. It is spread on the surface of road marking lines and not easy to come off. It has stronger adhesive force and maintains light reflection effects for a long time, particularly when used on coatings (including water-soluble coatings) at normal temperature.

The coated glass bead has better adhesion with the road coatings. Coated glass beads are spread in a hierarchical structure, that is, the big coated glass beads are on the top while small glass beads are at the bottom. This ensures better reflection effect of road marking lines.

The coated glass bead features good fluidity, non-blocking, mean spreading, easy construction, and good reflection effect. It is proved that it can save about 15% of usage amount.

No.Sieve SizeDiameter (μ m)Content (%)